Workplace Investigations

If one of your employee’s makes a formal complaint of sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, fraud or unethical behaviour at work, you may need to conduct a workplace investigation.

Increasingly, where complaints are serious in nature or brought by senior managers or employees, organisations are relying on external investigators to conduct workplace investigations, as they provide a degree of independence and impartiality into any formal complaints.

By engaging an external investigator, an organisation can avoid issues of conflict from arising (whether actual or perceived) and/or protect the organisation against scrutiny or challenge, allowing the investigation to be used as a defence to any future claims your employees may bring in the form of discrimination and/or general protections claims.

With over 30 years’ experience in investigations, including investigations into criminal matters, our team can assist your organisation with all workplace investigations and can offer a range of highly competitive packages and services to businesses in both the local Wollongong and Sydney Metro area.

If you are looking for an experienced, local and trusted investigator, look no further than Dorahy Davis Lawyers.

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